How do I keep the hoop up??

The difference between my hoops and kids hoops is the obvious size. This is to your advantage! Store bought kids hoops are very small and very light and also very thin. They are hard to use. A Jupiter hoop is much larger and heavier and this is the key for sucess in keeping the hoop going.

Ok!!  Stand with your feet hips distance apart. Place the hoop around your waist, with the hoop pressing into your back. Give a good swing to the right or left (your body will let you know which way will feel more comfortable) and start moving! Bend your knees and sway quickly side to side or back and forth. You will discover you are either a side to side hooper or a front to back hooper. Go with whichever is easier and most natural feeling.

If you are a "side to side" hooper.. push the hoop away from you with your waist as it comes around with each rotation. So as it's coming around to your left side, you push it away with the left side of your body, then as it comes around to the right side of your waist, push it way with that side of the body. It's quick! 

If you are a "front to back" hooper, it's the same thing, when it comes around to the front of your belly push it away from you with your belly, when it hits the small of your back, push it away from you with your back!

It's possible to either "get it" right away, or it might take a few minutes of practice and dropping the hoop a few times at first. Don't be discouraged!! If you did the hula hoop as a child, it will only take a few tries before your body remembers and that "click" moment happens. If the hoop starts to fall down towards your hips speed up the rotation of the hoop! If it falls to the ground pick it up and keep trying you will get it!! I promise! :) Have fun!

Natural Fiber Clothes!

Hoops are hard to keep up in synthetics, or slippery fabrics. Wear cotton clothes for best results, hoops "stick" better to skin, so tank tops and shorts are a good choice, or nothing at all! ;)