Q:   I haven't been able to hoop since I was a kid/ I was not able to hoop as a kid. How will I be able to hoop now as an adult?

A:   Don't worry! You WILL get it! Jupiter hoops and the bigger hoops used for hooping today are the key to being able to hoop as an adult. The bigger size, plus the heavier weight are what make it possible. To date I have not yet had ANY student that could not get the hoop to stay up with the proper size and weight hoop. If you bought a kids hoop and can't do it, don't be discouraged!! It's not you! Well actually it is, but not due to lack of talent. You just have grown since you were a kid and the child hoops are not proportionately sized correctly for you now. It's all math and science, just trust me. These larger sized Jupiter Hoops will work for you!! :)